We aim to strategically advance national defense capabilities by delivering innovative solutions that dominate complex security environments.

Orbis Operations is a privately held firm delivering forward-leaning solutions to the complex security challenges that face our customers, our nation and the world. Guided by deep, first-hand knowledge of U.S. Defense environment, we provide innovative solutions that integrate our extensive expertise in intelligence, cyber services, and human behavior analysis training.

While we serve both the public and private sectors, Orbis Operations' dedication to advancing the U.S. National Security interests runs deep into the heart of everything we do. The Orbis team understands the gravity of today's threats, the magnitude of the challenges we face and, most importantly, how to achieve mission success.

Many of us previously swore the oath to 'Defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign or domestic.' At Orbis, this oath remains.


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The core principles driving our success

Passionately deliver exceptional quality in everything

Embrace collaboration and diversity of thought

Rigorously pursue new technologies that stay ahead of threats

Unwavering commitment to promoting U.S. interest