All people, events, and actions give off certain signals when they are measured against context, relevance, and the local societal baseline. These ‘signals’ can be read as ‘anomalies.’ Establishing a baseline, detecting (and then acting on) these anomalies is the essence of ASAT and a key tool to anticipate and avoid violent situations before they unfold. 

This scientifically-validated training regimen delivers enhanced personal security for any individual whether they be an elite special operator conducting combat operations, a businessman working outside the developed world or citizens encountering threats as they go about their day-to-day lives. ASAT applies across culture and geography making the skills transferable and enduring.

ASAT blends Six Domains of human behavior into a cohesive proactive and predictive methodology that greatly enhances the ability of individuals to establish a Baseline – a standard “normalized” environment – for the human terrain in a given context or location and then detect anomalies in it.  The Six Domains are Heuristics, Proxemics, Geographics, Kinesics, Atmospherics, and Biometrics.

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