All individuals and groups give off signals when they are measured against context, relevance, and the local societal baseline.

In certain circumstances, these 'signals' can, with the proper training, be read as 'anomalies'.

Establishing a baseline, detecting (and then acting on) these anomalies is the essence of Situational Awareness Training (SAT), a key tool to anticipate and avoid violent situations before they unfold.

Orbis’ commercial ASAT offering provides companies the opportunity to receive the same basic training in human behavior delivered to elite special operations units, albeit with a format, duration and learning objectives appropriate for a corporate audience.


Available via live, in-person instruction or a self-paced online course, ASAT skills enhance an organization’s security regarding both external and internal threats whether in a domestic context or in higher risk environments overseas. With applicability across virtually every industry vertical and a variety of use cases – general security, workplace violence, active shooter, etc. – ASAT can be readily scaled and tailored to meet the needs of any firm.


Tailored SAT course specific to preventing active threats in the workplace.

Tailored SAT course specific to the aviation industry to prevent internal and external threats.



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