How does it work?

The referring individual completes the external referral form online via the Orbis careers website to include all pertinent information.

Orbis Recruiting Team will contact all qualified referrals and align them to available positions that suit their background and expertise in the applicant tracking system. If there are no current positions that are appropriate for the referral, the resume and information will be kept active in the database for potential future roles.

A referral connection between the referring individual and the referral will be active for a 6 month period.

If the referral is hired to the targeted referral position, or a similar position within the Federal Cyber Program, within 6 months from the original referral, the referring individual will be eligible for the reward.

If there was a duplicate referral, the referring individual who submits the referral first will receive credit for the hire. The Orbis Recruiting Team will verify submittal dates and times in Orbis’ applicant tracking system. 

Who can participate?

All US Individuals, with the exception of current Orbis employees, with a valid Social Security Number can participate in our external referral reward program. 

The following people/entities are not eligible to participate in this program:

  • Current Orbis employees and their immediate family members. Current Orbis Employees should review the internal referral campaign and reach out to recruiting at careers@orbisops.com.

  • Staffing/recruiting agencies or consultants, or any of their employees.

Referral Eligibility

Only available for all fully billable positions within the Federal Cyber Programs. Intel, overhead, part-time, contract, intern, etc. are not covered in this program.

Referral rewards are only available for referrals who are professionally and/or personally known to the referring individual. Please indicate association and duration of relationship on the external referral form.

Not Eligible

  • Self-referrals

  • Previous employees

  • Previous or current interns

  • Candidates who have applied directly, interviewed, or interacted with the Orbis Operations recruiting or HR team within the past 12 months

  • Any person that is bound by a non-compete, post-Government employment restriction or would expose Orbis to any type of litigation or conflict of interest

Reward Information

The reward amount is $5,000 (gross) for each regular, full-time, billable hire, once the referral has completed 6 months of continuous employment at Orbis Operations.

The referral program is subject to change after December 31, 2018. Anyone who meets the criteria detailed in this announcement who is submitted and has started with Orbis prior to December 31, 2018 will be eligible for the $5,000 reward.

The referral must acknowledge that he or she was referred by the referring individual when initially contacted by Orbis’ recruiting team. The referral must still be employed by Orbis at the time the external referral reward is to be paid.

The referring individual will be asked to complete required documentation (W-9) for a 1099 to be issued. Federal, State, and any local taxes on the reward(s) are the responsibility of the recipient.  In accordance with IRS guidelines, the referring individual will receive a 1099 for the year payment was received.  

There is no maximum number of rewards a person can achieve.

Orbis will process the external referral reward in approximately 30 days after the referred employee completes the 6 months of employment mentioned above, and the required paperwork has been submitted. 

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