Orbis’ Intelligence Support Division provides a variety of services that include intelligence-related training, specialized staff support, embedded advisory support, exercise support and research and consulting related to intelligence and Special Operations.


Orbis has an exceptional record of successfully designing and executing modular training programs specifically tailored to the operational requirements of our customers. Our cadre can develop scenarios based on recent operational experiences that mimic the actual Interagency, host nation and cultural challenges currently facing our customers.


Orbis provides research and operational analysis related to all aspects of Special Warfare.  This includes developing case studies and lessons learned related to Counter-Insurgency, Foriegn Internal Defense, Counter-Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare.  It also includes analysis and assessments of current operational procedures in order to provide organizational and procedural recommendations to optimize operations.  Orbis is staffed with highly seasoned subject matter experts with specific regional experience in compartmented, low-visibility special operations. 





Leveraging the firm’s deep reservoir of expertise and extensive recent experience rendering support to the Combatant Commands (COCOMs) and Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs), our personnel have harnessed the best of the tactics, techniques and procedures of the intelligence community and tailored them to the unique requirements of Special Operations Forces (SOF). Our advisory programs and specialized staff support enable SOF elements to function more effectively beyond the combat zone, by providing them with the right skills and experience while simultaneously mitigating much of the potential friction with interagency partners and stakeholders.


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