Human behavior analysis training to avoid, mitigate or defeat potential threats in any situation

Situational Awareness Training®

All individuals and groups give off signals when they are measured against context, relevance, and the local societal baseline. In certain circumstances, these 'signals' can, with the proper training, be read as 'anomalies'.

Available to Federal & Commercial Markets

The World's Premier Program
in Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis (HBPR&A)

Large crowd on walkway or street

Advanced Situational Awareness Training (ASAT®)

The world's premier program in human behavior pattern recognition & analysis (HBPR&A). ASAT can be tailored to any audience, mission, threat, and function as appropriate.

Screen capture of Recoil Magazine article

Behavioral Cues Can Get You Out of the Fight Before You Get Into It

By Tom Marshall

Armed man holding pistol in public street

Active Violence

Tailored SAT course specific to preventing active threats in the workplace.


Aviation Security Situational Awareness

Tailored SAT course specific to the aviation industry to prevent internal and external threats.


Business woman whispering about another person in business mans' ear at office

Insider-Threat (IT-SAT)

Tailored SAT course specific to the threat posed within organizations by seemingly friendly personnel.

Special Operations soldiers training with weapons

Special Operations Forces (SOFSAT)

Tailored SAT course specific to the mission of elite special operations forces. 

Available to Federal markets only.

Overhead view of Military navy ships in a the sea water

Maritime Advanced (MASAT)

Tailored SAT course specific to the maritime operating environment.

Available to Federal markets only.

Tired soldier with emotional problems during meeting with psychotherapist

Gatekeeper (GSAT)

SAT designed to proactively identify individuals with a propensity to engage in high-risk behaviors and/or suicide.

Young woman being harassed by a man at work

Sexual Harrassment & Assault Response/ Prevention (SHARPSAT)

SAT designed to proactively identify potential sexual predators, empower bystander intervention and impart strategies to minimize the "signals" of vulnerability.

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