Data is the language of marketing.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Orbis, Coverent is the market leader in applying data science and analytics to measure social trends and behaviors through rigorous methods.


Data Analytics

Applying analytics for measuring and improving program impact.


Orbis applies data analytics and strategic consulting to assist clients with measuring and improving program performance and impact, usually around "hard-to-measure" programs. Orbis' Coverent, is a pioneer and leader in the field of Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) and Measures of Advancement (MOA). We have developed a proprietary set of methods, tools, and training — known as Impact Metrics™ — that have been proven in use by a variety of clients to assess and manage mission impact.

Product Offerings

Impact Metrics™

Impact Metrics™ is our proprietary rigorous method and tools for applying data science to measure non-quantitative outcomes. The approaches used are based on social science research methodologies and professional standards. Impact Metrics™ is a modularized approach that guides analysts through the key steps in designing measurements, adding consistency and repeatability to the process, and delivering results.


Orbis has extensive experience delivering both technical training and workshops to our clients, including foreign audiences. We therefore understand not only the subject matter at hand, but also the nuances of training in an overseas environment. Each course is offered with in-person instruction taught by preeminent experts in cyber operations, defense, and incident response.

Government and Non-Profits

Coverent is a performance force multiplier - we use advanced analytics, data science, and appropriate research methodologies to help clients maximize mission and business effectiveness, and identify efficiencies in today's “do more with less” environment.


Coverent cultivates and optimizes brand-consumer relationships through the innovative application of data best practices. Coupled with our multi-channel experience, we can rapidly improve marketing's effectiveness and efficiency.

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