Who We Are

About Us

Orbis delivers forward-leaning solutions to the complex global security challenges that face our clients, our nation, and our allies. Guided by extraordinary lived experience from the intelligence and defense communities, we provide innovative solutions that deliver capability, capacity, strategic insight, and training to our clients.

Our Mission

Act to advance global security interests.

Our Vision

Building the national security business of the future – one that is global, tech-native, and commercial – that is prepared to meet the challenges of our customers in a world of ubiquitous data and ever-evolving technology.

Our Values

Mission First

Act to advance global security interests. Our mission and vision require us to support a diverse range of government and commercial customers, but the mission always remains paramount.

Conduct ourselves with unquestioned integrity

Because this business more than most requires total trust.


Our lived experiences give us skills and contextual understanding, but we need to evolve to account for an ever-changing world, new technology, and emerging challenges.

Deliver and value excellence

We deliver world-class solutions to our clients. We are a destination company and treat our world-class team accordingly.

Act selflessly

Client before company, company before team, and team before self.

Orbis' dedication to advancing international security is at the heart of everything we do, whether serving public or private sector clients. Our team understands the gravity of today's threats, the magnitude of the challenges we face and - most importantly - how to achieve successful outcomes.

What can Orbis do for you?

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